The Hawai‘i Pacific University Academic Catalog is published annually.  Every effort is made to ensure that the catalog is accurate at the time of publication; however, edits and updates are occasionally necessary to correct or clarify information.  The purpose of this addendum is to provide information about the changes that have occurred since the initial publication of the 2022-2023 academic catalog.  All changes have been made to the online version of the catalog and are listed below for reference.

New Courses:

ENG 1700 - English for Specific Purposes

Repeatable for up to 4 credits if topics differ.

Course Restriction: Department Chair Approval Required.

This course for visiting international students strengthens English language skills in relation to their specific academic, career or cultural interests. Sample topics could include “English For Nurses,” or “English and E-Sports” or “Exploring Hawaii.” Classes feature active engagement with English language, especially in relation to the chosen field or topic. The program also includes custom-designed co-curricular activities which promote experiential and place-based learning. A final reflection paper written and sent by students upon their return home is designed to capture important culminating impressions and applications of learning to future educational and professional goals.

Credit: 1-2

PSY 7704 - Practicum IV

Restricted to students in the Doctorate of Clinical Psychology program

In the six-semester Practicum sequence, students will be placed in a series of increasingly challenging internal and external placements, through which they will acquire hands-on training and experience in conducting psychological assessments and interventions, as well as other approved activities, in a range of settings and with a range of clients. In addition to approximately 16-20 hours per week of on-site practicum experience and individual face-to-face supervision with their practicum site supervisor, students will engage in weekly group supervision on campus in which they may further discuss and process issues arising from their placements with PsyD program faculty and peers. Didactic sessions (concurrent with group supervision) may focus on aspects of assessment, case formulation, treatment planning, and intervention that have been raised in group supervision.

Credit: 3

WRI 1051 - Introduction to Academic Writing Lab

Corequisite: WRI 1050

This lab is a revising and editing workshop which is taken concurrently with WRI 1050. The lab provides additional instruction and practice in critical reading and writing skills and in editing techniques for students needing additional support in these areas of first-year writing courses. In this lab, while working one-on-one or in groups with tutors, students will examine their WRI 1050 assignments and readings, receive guidance through the writing process, review grammar and mechanics, and develop self-editing skills. The emphasis of this lab is to help students gain the confidence and skill needed for them to write well independently.

Credit: 1

Updated Courses:

CHEM 4901 - Senior Research

Course description updated from

Senior Seminar designed to immerse students intensively in the primary literature of chemistry. Students will present critical reviews and analysis of recent chemical research, participate in group discussions, write a literature review, and develop a research proposal.


Senior Research in the second of 2 research capstone courses for student majoring in B.S. Chemistry – Conventional Concentration. Under the supervision of a faculty mentor, students will conduct the planned research project that they designed in CHEM 4900. Students will present their finding in two forums: a seminar presentation and a written final report.

CHEM 4901 - Senior Research

Number of credits updated from 3 to 2

PSY 7820 - Evaluation of Treatment Effectiveness

Updated from 3 credits to 1 credit.

ED 6510 - Elementary Clinical Practice Seminar

Removed Co-requisite: ED 6512.

ED 6512 - Elementary Clinical Practice II

Removed Co-requisite: ED 6510.

ED 6520 - Secondary Clinical Practice Seminar

Removed Co-requisite: ED 6522.

ED 6522 - Secondary Clinical Practice II

Removed Co-requisite: ED 6520

Updated Programs:

Added Degree Plans to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration catalog page

Sample 4-Year Degree Plan Finance and Economics Concentration

Sample 4-Year Degree Plan General Business Concentration

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

Corrected Capstone Section. Updated Capstone (9 Credits) to Capstone (3 Credits).

Updated Doctor of Nursing (BSN-DNP)

NUR 6030 updated from 2 Credits to 3 Credits

NUR 6031 removed from MSN Core Courses requirements

Course title of NUR 6964 updated to Episodic Conditions in Primary Care

Course title of NUR 6966 updated to Chronic Conditions in Primary Care

Updated Master of Science in Nursing

Course title of NUR 6964 updated to Episodic Conditions in Primary Care

Course title of NUR 6966 updated to Chronic Conditions in Primary Care

Updated Catalog Navigation Bar to include Adult-Gero Acute Care Nurse Practitioner: Post-Master's Certificate and Family Nurse Practitioner: Post Master's Certificate in the Online Certificate Programs subheading.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Post Master's Certificate)

Program requirements have been updated. Credits required updated from 30 Credits to 27 Credits. NUR 7000 has been removed.

Updated Minors:

Minor in Social Sciences updated from

Six upper-division Social Science courses:






Social Psychology



Methods of Inquiry



Social Statistics

Plus three upper-division courses from ANTH, PSCI, PSY, or SOC.


Four to five upper-division Social Science courses:

Required course:






Introduction to Sociology

One of the following:






Research Methods



Methods of Inquiry



Fundamentals of Social Science Research

Plus four upper-division courses from two different alphas ANTH, PSCI, PSY, or SOC.

Updated Catalog Page:

Graduate Studies Overview > Graduate Capstone courses

Error in credit total for DPT 8340. Updated from (2 cr.) to (1 cr.)

Grading and Course Policies > Course Repeat Policy

Update to Course Repeat Policy

Graduate Studies Overview > Academic Credits and Grades

Update to Grades section