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Master of Arts in Diplomacy and Global Security


Hawai‘i Pacific University’s (HPU) Master of Arts in Diplomacy and Global Security (MADGS) program prepares students for a professional career in the civilian, military, or government sector. Tailored toward adult learners and working professionals, the program offers a flexible pace, differing delivery modalities, multiple culminating capstone options, and extensive elective course offerings concentrated in five Areas of Specialization. This unique program of studies lays a solid foundation for entrance into a wide range of professions. The degree offers topics in the role of diplomacy, strategy, and security in contemporary international relations, as well as interdisciplinary tools enhancing leadership and decision-making skills for the global knowledge economy. A MA-DGS degree trains students for leadership in the global political and security environment and in international cooperation.


Students who complete the Master of Arts in Diplomacy and Global Security will:

  1. Apply effectively various methodologies and approaches to the study of history, political science, and international relations in a diplomatic and/or global security context.

  2. Demonstrate placement of questions and issues concerning diplomacy and/or global security  within their chronological and geographical context in the course of more in-depth inquiries.

  3. Apply effectively critically reflective tools for interpreting pertinent historical, cultural, philosophical, and political issues related to diplomacy and/or global security.

  4. Articulate moral and ethical concerns raised through the study of diplomacy and global security.

  5. Demonstrate integration of complex issues relating to diplomacy and global security in a substantial piece of research.

  6. Demonstrate mastery of skill sets (such as research design, analysis, synthesis, literature review, etc.,) that prepare the graduate to undertake further graduate study in history, political science, international relations, security studies, and related fields.