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HPU’s Tuition and Fee Schedule (a full listing of student tuition and fee charges) is available at: Tuition and Fees are subject to change, and this website will host the most up-to-date information. 


Tuition payment deadlines are always several weeks before the start of the semester and are published in the Academic Calendar (

Students are responsible for paying their portion of tuition and fees, along with all other University charges and costs then due, by each term’s tuition payment deadline (or students must enroll in a payment plan before this date, ensuring their payment plan remains in good standing). If there is a difference between expected and actual financial aid, students are responsible for paying any balance on their account resulting from this difference promptly. 


Students are responsible for resolving their account balance, even if they expect a third party (such as a parent or family member, benefits provider (employer, the U.S. Department of Defense, or Veterans’ Administration)), or financial aid (scholarship, loan, grant, etc) to pay the student’s tuition.

All students will be presented with and required to accept the Financial Responsibility Agreement at the beginning of each semester when they log into the myHPU portal.


If a student drops, withdraws from, or fails to attend some or all of the classes for which they have registered, they will be responsible for paying all or a portion of tuition and fees based upon the deadlines outlined in the Academic Calendar.

In other words, students may drop or withdraw any and all courses for any reason before the semester begins and until the date posted in the Academic Calendar for the applicable term (typically the 8th calendar day after the first day of class) without financial penalty. After this date, students will owe HPU for certain tuition and fees, even if they are no longer attending the university. Students can find more information on HPU’s Refund Policy at

If a student is unable to attend the university for any reason, it is up to the student to withdraw or drop their courses. Students must follow the policies of the Registrar to officially drop courses, request a Leave of Absence, and/or to withdraw from the university. Failing to attend classes a student is registered for or failing to drop or withdraw officially before the deadlines outlined in the Academic Calendar does not absolve a student of their financial responsibility.


Failure to pay tuition and fees by the payment deadline may result in the following:

  • Late fees may be added to the account, increasing the amount owed. Students are obligated to pay late fees assessed to their account.

  • A financial hold may be placed on the account.  A financial hold will deny access to transcripts (official and unofficial) and diplomas, and may prevent future registration, as set forth at:  A financial hold will not be released until payment is made.

  • Students may be dropped from my courses and/or registration may be canceled. This may occur before or after the semester starts, and will prohibit a student’s ability to continue enrollment at the University until their account is cleared.

  • The account may be referred (sent or forwarded) to collections. If a student account is referred to collections, a third-party collections agency is authorized to contact the student in order to secure payment for the outstanding debt to Hawai’i Pacific University. When an account is sent to collections, the student still owes the University; the debt is not forgiven or discharged.


Contact the Business Office for questions about tuition and fee charges, payments, payment plans, or any topic covered in this section.