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Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management is a four-course (12 credit hour) program for working professionals, MPA+ students and other interested individuals. It provides additional knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary for successful in 501(c)3 organization management. It is intended to increase recognition of, trust in, and support for nonprofits and to expand their influence on issues that impact the people and communities they serve.

This program of study promotes the highest standards of ethics and accountability in nonprofit governance and management. Students are introduced to the nonprofit sector as an economic driver. Working with selected nonprofit clients, students experience writing grants, developing funding strategies, and implementing and evaluating programs. There is an emphasis on leadership, including strategic planning for nonprofit organizations.

Certificate Learning Objectives

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management can:

  1. Identify problems, needs, and objectives associated with managing and leading 501c3 nonprofit organizations that serve social needs.

  2. Analyze data associated with nonprofit sector trends, policy issues, and civic engagement.

  3. Use information needed to address budget issues, develop strategic partnerships, effectively, ethically, and legally to facilitate leadership and manage nonprofit organizations.

  4. Advocate their stakeholders’ perspective for the public good through synthesis of relevant information and concepts.

  5. Devise strategies that promote inclusion, participation, and contributions to nonprofit sector management.