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AMST 1776 - Essential America

The basic ideas, events, and people that have shaped the USA today, focusing on what one needs to know for better participation and success in American society, politics, and business. Short readings and images from past and present are related to current options and viewpoints by extensive student discussion and audio-visual interpretive commentary.

Credit: 3

AMST 2000 - Topics in American Studies

Prerequisite: A grade of C- or better in any WC&IL I course or HON 1000 or a score of 630+ in SAT Evidence Based Reading & Writing or a score of 28+ in ACT English.

Students explore American culture and values through analyzing primary texts while focusing on a specific theme, topic, historical period, or the experiences of a particular group. The particular emphasis is reflected in the course title and the course may be repeated for credit if the topic changes.

Credit: 3