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Master of Science in Product Management


Developing and launching new products, including new services and e-commerce sites, involves more than a great idea. In today's fast-paced digital economy, organizations must understand their target customers and their specific needs to launch and manage successful products and services. In startups and established companies alike, a product manager serves as a key player in taking a good, service, or e-commerce site, from idea, to launch, and eventually to commercial success. To bring viable products to market, a successful product manager needs to balance creative inspiration with a disciplined approach to commercial execution.

This accelerated master’s degree in product management equips students with the design, technology, and business leadership skills that employers seek.


The Master of Science in Product Management combines online experiences with asynchronous coursework, and connections with the Hawaii Pacific University community to empower aspiring and active product managers from around the world. After completing the M.S. in Product Management, learners will be able to:

  • Formulate a marketing plan that identifies how an organization's new product (including a good, service, or digital e-commerce site) addresses the unmet needs of a target customer. This marketing plan will highlight how a new product meets underserved needs, creates value, offers in-demand features, and targets a specific customer. Your plan will help organize your thoughts, synthesize relevant information and concepts, and persuasively communicate your perspectives regarding a focal new product.

  • Design a new product, service, or e-commerce concept, from primary and secondary research, into a tangible asset. These assets have the potential to drive product strategy that enables an organization to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Your design will entail critical thinking to analyze evidence and present your thoughts to a cogent commercial concept.

  • Construct an engaging digital e-commerce site, for commercial intent, using platforms such as Wix. You will demonstrate the ability to recognize a target customer's informational needs and to translate the information in a digital format that is commercially viable, effective, ethical, and legal.

  • Launch a new product (including a good, service, or digital site) for an existing organization that has commercial viability. You will demonstrate scholarly and creative mastery to an actual organization