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Communication Studies and Practices (BA)


Major Credits Required: 48-56 Credits

The Communication Studies and Practices major  at Hawai‘i Pacific University is a comprehensive program of study that develops the skills and confidence necessary to present ideas in various formats in a variety of situations. The Department of Communication and Media seeks to create an integrated environment for the study and production of communication and media content in both personal and commercial use. Our students study how to communicate effectively, ethically, across multiple platforms and with people from diverse backgrounds. The program provides a rigorous curriculum in a stimulating environment that addresses the history, theories, mechanisms and techniques of communication.

Communication focuses on how people use messages to generate meaning in various contexts, cultures, channels and media. Known as “rhetoric” in the Western academic tradition, communication pedagogy has been a central concern of Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Asian, Indigenous and modern culture. Today, the study and applications of communication embraces the Internet, e-commerce, mobile communications, global diplomacy, advertising, public relations, journalism, broadcasting, intercultural and interpersonal communication, as well as public speaking, digital mechanisms and media studies.

To complete the bachelor's degree, students must complete a minimum total of 120 credits with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.


Students who major in Communication Studies and Practices will:

  1. Demonstrate proficient academic writing skill, including careful control of Standard Written English and the ability to effectively, clearly, and persuasively communicate perspective and analysis

  2. Demonstrate oral communication competency in a variety of contexts.

  3. Be able to both identify and articulate information needs, and to deploy the most appropriate materials and strategies to ethically address those needs

  4. Demonstrate skills in quantitative analyses, being able to interpret, compute, and utilize statistics

Students who major in Communication Studies and Practices with a concentration in Communication Studies will also:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of Communication theories and the ability to apply them to communication situations and media artifacts

Students who major in Communication Studies and Practices with a concentration in Strategic Communication will also:

  1. Build integrated strategic communication programs in business, professional, and social environments, including; research and planning, rationale, and campaign implementation techniques.

  2. Produce a professional, entry-level Strategic Communication portfolio

  3. Apply First Amendment, copyright, contract laws in Strategic  Communication situations

  4. Build a foundation for lifelong learning and advanced education in Strategic Communication