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Academic Policies and Definitions


Hawai‘i Pacific University supports and protects the academic freedom of both the faculty and the students. The examination of partisan views, no matter how controversial, within the purview of a course of instruction, is the very life blood of freedom of thought and inquiry in an educational institution within a free society.

Like all other rights and privileges in a free society, academic freedom is constrained by other freedoms and rights of individuals within the society. Academic freedom necessitates the recognition of significant contrary viewpoints and requires a degree of respect for the rights of others to hold such contrary viewpoints. Academic freedom requires differentiation between personal views and opinions, and proven facts or broadly held conclusions within a discipline. It is neither possible, nor desirable, to attempt to enumerate the limits of academic freedom. In general, academic freedom is abused when important individual rights of others are denied under the guise of academic freedom.

All members of the university are expected to exercise their rights to academic freedom responsibly.