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Concurrent Registration

An undergraduate student who is currently pursuing a baccalaureate degree at Hawai‘i Pacific University may be granted approval to take one or more graduate courses while still an undergraduate. These courses may be used toward a graduate program with certain restrictions (see below). The student must meet the following conditions to be considered for this Concurrent Registration opportunity:

  1. Have 90 earned credits towards the declared baccalaureate degree (including current term and transfer credits).

  2. Have a cumulative HPU GPA of at least 3.00 on a minimum of 15 earned HPU credits.

  3. Individual programs may have additional requirements, please see academic advisor for details.

  4. Complete and submit a Concurrent Registration Form to obtain approval from  both the undergraduate academic advisor and graduate program chair. The CRF must be submitted and approved prior to course registration.

For clarification of this process, please see your undergraduate academic advisor.


  1. The student must begin a graduate degree or certificate program at Hawai‘i Pacific University within one year of completing the undergraduate degree in order for credits to apply toward a graduate degree. Graduate-level credits will not be applied to graduate transcript until the student is accepted, admitted, and enrolled in the graduate degree or graduate certificate program.

  2. A maximum of 12 graduate credits taken as an undergraduate may apply toward the student’s baccalaureate degree AND a master’s degree at HPU.

  3. A maximum of 8 graduate credits taken as an undergraduate may apply toward a graduate certificate.

 For more information, students should consult with their academic advisor.