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Classical and Religious Studies Minor

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The minor in classical and religious studies offers students the opportunity to study the cultural foundations which have evolved into the civilizations we see today. The minor combines course offerings in Classical Studies, East-West Classical Studies, and Religious Studies, as well as other liberal arts programs. Students who complete the program should be attractive to employers seeking candidates with a breadth of exposure to the liberal arts and a comparative appreciation of the roots of contemporary civilizations. The minor in Classical and Religious Studies is a good supplement for majors in English, History, Humanities, International Studies, Communication, Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, and other subjects.


Students in the Classical and Religious Studies Minor will:

  1. Be able to describe core values, world views, ideals, and forms of artistic expression associated with the human experience and place them within their cultural and historical contexts.

  2. Demonstrate moral reasoning, along with an awareness of the ethical sensibilities of diverse peoples as presented in their literary, artistic, philosophical, and/or religious works.