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Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice

Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice

The Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice is a four-course, 12 credit-hour program for working professionals, MPA+ students or other interested individuals. This certificate provides students with additional knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for subject-matter experts to be successful in the management and supervision of law enforcement and judicial organizations. It is intended to provide students expertise that may assist increase recognition of, trust in, and support for the criminal justice process.

This certificate is a program of study that promotes the highest standards of ethics and accountability in management. Topics include criminal justice organizations, contemporary issues in the justice systems, media and how it is used to message trust in our justice systems, and security issues. 

Certificate Learning Objectives

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice will be able to:

  1. Analyze problems, needs, and objectives associated with administration issues in law enforcement and judicial systems.

  2. Use relevant source material effectively, ethically, and legally to facilitate and manage law enforcement or judicial offices.

  3. Formulate public policy and procedures reflecting democratic perspectives for a diverse and changing workforce and citizenry.

  4. Devise strategies using knowledge, skills, and public service perspectives which allow participation in and contribution to the democratic principles of our criminal justice systems.