Master of Public Administration


The Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree is the professional degree for students seeking a career in public service or nonprofit management. This MPA Program develops the skills and techniques used by managers to implement policies, projects, and programs that resolve important problems within their organization and in society. Students may focus their studies by choosing a specific concentration with in the Program.


Students who complete the Master of Public Administration will:

  1. Identify problems or objectives associated with public administration issues, collect and analyze evidence in support of those problems or objectives, assess assumptions, and define relevant individual perspectives.

  2. Recognize and articulate an information need and access, evaluate, and use relevant source material effectively, ethically, and legally to facilitate leadership and management in public governance.

  3. Synthesize relevant information and concepts and effectively, clearly, and persuasively articulate their perspectives to a diverse and changing workforce and citizenry.

  4. Demonstrate advance knowledge, skills, and public service perspectives which allow for participation in and contribution to the policy process.