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Associate of Science in Supervisory Leadership (AS)


Total Credits Required: 60 Credits

This major offers the student an introduction to the study of leadership. It will incorporate an examination of the theories of leadership, its styles, traits, and myths, including the major processes underlying human behavior. Students will explore the nature and responsibilities of the supervisor-as-leader and will cover tools for decisions making and career skills involving both personal planning and interpersonal relations, such as time management, goal setting, assertiveness, and networking. Application of military training and experience to this program will be based on the credit recommendations provided by the American Council on Education (ACE). The Associate of Science degree is conferred through the College of Professional Studies upon completion of the 60 credit hours of required and elective lower-division (1000- and/or 2000-level) courses.


Students who earn the Associate of Science in Supervisory Leadership will:

  1. Explain the use of motivational theories and principles in leading employees.

  2. Describe the functions and responsibilities of supervisors as leaders.

  3. Demonstrate the functions of a team as a constructive member and as its leader.