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  1. Financial Obligations to the University

    By registering for courses, Hawai‘i Pacific University students agree to comply with all requirements for registration, and fulfill all financial obligations related to enrollment.

  2. Registration Deadlines

    Registration deadlines are published in each term’s Academic Calendar. Review each Academic Calendar for exact dates.

  3. Added or Cancelled Courses

    Courses with low enrollment may be cancelled. HPU reserves the right to add or cancel courses in order to meet student and University needs. Students should check their class schedule immediately prior to the start of the term or session as changes may occur at any time.

  4. International Students

    International students must maintain full-time enrollment in Fall and Spring terms in order to meet visa requirements. Contact the Office of International Students and Scholars ( about eligible conditions and circumstances for which less than full-time enrollment in any term is acceptable. Less than full-time enrollment without prior authorization creates a violation of visa status.

  5. Course Delivery Method

    Hawai‘i Pacific University offers courses in face-toface, hybrid, and online formats. Tuition and fees will remain constant in the event of a change in delivery format in response to a local, state, national, or international emergency

  6. Transcripts and Diplomas

    Transcripts and diplomas will only be released to students who have fulfilled financial obligations to the University and resolved all outstanding financial holds. Financial obligations include but are not limited to tuition and fee charges, fines, late fees, replacement student IDs and bus passes, housing and meal plan charges, and other charges related to enrollment at HPU. The Business Office is the point of contact for financial holds.

  7. Adjusting Course Schedules

    The responsibility for making course schedule changes belongs to the student.

    • Students must adjust their schedule before the published deadlines in the Academic Calendar for each term or session. If the schedule is adjusted after the published deadlines, students may be financially responsible for tuition and fees for the related courses.

    • Eligible students must adjust their schedule using the MyHPU Portal according to the published deadlines in the Academic Calendar for each term or session.

    • Students who cannot complete schedule changes on the MyHPU Portal must contact their Academic Advisor and complete an Add/Drop Form which is available on the Registrar’s Academic Forms website.

  8. Administrative Removal from Courses

    The University reserves the right to remove students from courses under specific circumstances.

    • Students who do not participate in all registered courses within the first fourteen (14) calendar days of a term or session will be administratively dropped.

    • Students may be administratively dropped from a course if they fail to meet the prerequisite requirements for the course. Course prerequisites are listed in the Academic Catalog.

    • Students who violate the Code of Student Conduct may be administratively withdrawn pending the final outcome of the proceedings. Students may remain financially responsible when administratively withdrawn from the University.

    • Students with a significant account balance may be administratively dropped from a future term and blocked from registration until the financial hold is cleared.