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Graduate Certificate in National Security and Strategic Studies

Graduate Certificate in National Security and Strategic Studies

The Graduate Certificate in National Security & Strategic Studies addresses the increasing global, regional, and local concern about contemporary security and strategic issues. It provides tools to help individuals understand contemporary national and international security issues as well as appreciate processes and themes at the cornerstone of strategic planning and decision-making. The program seeks to enhance students’ understanding of the complexity and nature of contemporary security challenges and the range of possible responses to such threats. It thus combines study of theories, strategies, and doctrines related to the causes, conduct, and resolution of conflicts as well as the maintenance of peace.

Program Benefits

The Graduate Certificate in National Security and Strategic Studies program is an ideal choice for:

  • Graduate students who want to enhance their understanding of contemporary national security and strategic issues

  • Military personnel who aspire to be the ‘thinking warriors’ required of the U.S. military in the twenty-first century

  • Government civilian employees at the federal , state, and local level, seeking expanded regional or thematic expertise and knowledge

  • Professionals with defense- and security- related careers

  • Individuals interested in pursuing careers in homeland security, intelligence, public policy, law enforcement, defense, diplomacy, and related fields

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Examine questions, themes, and issues concerning the role of the military and/or diplomacy/statecraft within their chronological and geographical contexts.

  2. Effectively employ critically reflective tools to interpret pertinent issues pertaining to the application of force and/or diplomacy/statecraft