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INDV 3990 - Internship

Prerequisite: At least a 2.7 GPA for undergraduate level.

Internships provide students with applied, experiential learning opportunities so that they can make connections between academic study and the practical application of that study in a professional work environment. Academic internships are supervised by a faculty member and an on-site professional supervisor. All academic internships must be approved in advance by the department or program. Unless stipulated otherwise by the department or program, credit hours are defined by the university's credit hour policy (for example, a 3-credit internship will require a minimum of 120 hours on­site). Internships may be repeated for a total of 9 credit hours.

Credit: 1 to 3

INDV 4900 - Individualized Major Capstone

Prerequisite: Terminal semester of Individualized Major

This capstone course integrates coursework, knowledge, skills, and experiential learning to enable the students to demonstrate a broad mastery of learning resulting from the culmination of the individualized major. Unless another medium (e.g., film, photo essay, a piece of fiction, collection of poetry) is applicable, students complete a thesis paper that addresses material relevant to their individualized curriculum. In addition to the written assignment based on new or continued research, students will also produce an oral presentation of their findings that allow reflection upon and demonstration of the achievements made throughout their interdisciplinary, individualized degree plan.

Credit: 3