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Master of Science in Construction Management

Master of Science in Construction Management

The Master of Science in Construction Management program provides an advanced curriculum designed to provide learners with specialized knowledge and skills in construction project management. This program prepares graduates to effectively lead and manage construction projects by focusing on project planning, execution, and control. The program consists of ten (3-credit) courses that are delivered in person. Students gain knowledge in areas such as construction project planning, scheduling, document interpretation, risk management, resource allocation, procurement, and financial controls.


Students who complete the Master of Science in Construction Management will:

  • Create effective and professional written communications. Possess skills for effective interaction with project stakeholders, including clients, contractors, architects, and engineers.

  • Apply critical thinking to tasks. Develop research and critical thinking skills to analyze construction industry trends, solve complex problems, and contribute to the field's knowledge base.

  • Develop a deep and comprehensive understanding of construction processes, techniques, technologies, and construction materials.

  • Acquire advanced project management skills, including project planning, scheduling, cost estimation, risk management, and resource allocation.

  • Demonstrate an adherence to ethical standards and professional conduct in construction management practice.

  • Utilize construction technology and innovative techniques Stay current with emerging construction technologies, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and construction management software.

  • Acquire expertise in construction law, contracts, regulations, and ethics to ensure compliance and mitigate legal risks in construction projects.

  • Apply advanced construction management practices. This is accomplished by completing a supervised internship in the construction field and a comprehensive capstone project related to construction management.

  • Develop a keen awareness of risk management. Know how to analyze and mitigate risks associated with construction projects, including safety, financial, and operational risks.

  • Demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills to effectively manage construction projects and collaborate with multidisciplinary teams involved in projects, including owners, clients, construction managers, general contractors, and subcontractors.