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Graduate Certificate in Ethics in Public Service

Graduate Certificate in Ethics in Public Service

The Graduate Certificate in Public Service Management is for working professionals, MPA+ students or other interested individuals. It provides additional knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for subject-matter experts to be successful professional civil servants in managing and supervising public programs in state and local offices and agencies. It is intended to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of government services.

This certificate program promotes the highest standards of ethics and accountability in management. Topics include urban planning, evidenced- based program evaluation, performance management, diversity, equity, and inclusion in both the workplace and the delivery of services, and special topics on contemporary issues affecting the quality of government service delivery. 

Certificate Learning Objectives:

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Ethics for Public Service will be able to:

  1. Identify ethical behaviors and practices in public service as well as problems, needs or objectives associated with unethical work situations and ethical behavior. 

  2. Evaluate relevant sources, materials, and information concerning human behavioral needs applicable to individual ethical behavior in the workplace and within the organization’s decision-making, processes, outputs, and its eventual outcomes in society.

  3. Justify application of information and concepts and effectively apply them in a conscious manner to achieve ethical results in relevant workplace situations.

  4. Demonstrate advanced knowledge, skills, and ethical practices that ensure the democratic values and ethical principles are inculcated within individual workers and practiced in public service organizations and programs.