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Residential Honors Program


Hawai‘i Pacific University is committed to academic excellence and to supporting new generations of global leaders. The HPU Honors Program provides students with a challenging, engaging, and rigorous curriculum designed to nurture integrated thinking and problem solving. Small classes, international academic experiences, and opportunities to pursue independent research under the guidance of dedicated faculty, create an enhanced living and learning environment for exceptional students.

A Collegial Cohort Experience

The Residential Honors Program is designed as a cohort living and learning experience. Honors students will reside together during their first year and will take a series of common honors seminars through their junior year.

Student Learning Outcomes

All coursework and extra- and co-curricular activities in the Honors Program will address one or more of these outcomes:

  1. Investigation—Practice the systematic process of exploring an issue, object, or work through the collection and analysis of evidence, resulting in informed conclusions or judgments.

  2. Integration—Develop the ability to integrate, evaluate, and apply knowledge from a variety of disciplines and sources.

  3. Intentionality—Demonstrate the purposeful ability to transfer skills, theories, or methods to problem solving inside and outside the classroom.

  4. Initiative—Cultivate and demonstrate leadership skills, work effectively in teams, and demonstrate self-leadership within the honors experience and in the wider community.

Admission to the Honors Program

Admission to the Honors Program at HPU is based upon academic achievement and potential. Students may be admitted into the Honors Program by invitation or application. The Honors Program seeks students majoring in any academic discipline who are:

  • Seeking a unique honors experience in a multi-cultural environment

  • Committed to excellence both within and outside the classroom

  • Potential global leaders who wish to develop further leadership skills

  • Entrepreneurial and creative thinkers

  • Curious, inquisitive, and self-directed learners

  • Demonstrate commitment to academic excellence and co- and extra-curricular enrichment

Students will be required to submit an essay(s) as part of the application and acceptance process. The Residential Honors Program is designed for first-time, full-time freshmen only.

To Remain in Good Standing, Honors Students Are Required To:

  • Maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA through their freshman year

  • Maintain a 3.4 cumulative GPA through their sophomore, junior, and senior years

  • Complete all required HON courses

  • Abide by the Residential Honors Student Code of Conduct

  • Attend all mandated co- and extra-curricular events

For more information about the Residential Honors Program, please contact Dr. Linda Lierheimer, Ph.D., Director of Honors Programs, at and visit