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Arts & Markets (BA)


Major Credits Required: 49-57 Credits

The Bachelor’s degree in Arts & Markets at Hawai’i Pacific University offers a unique, multidisciplinary and multicultural approach that prepares students for careers in music, theatre, or visual arts. Secondary areas are possible in writing or multimedia.

Graduates will develop practical skill sets to work for educational organizations, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies that deal in, represent, or interact with artists and the arts – perhaps in addition to managing a freelance artistic career. Areas of study may include:

•        Arts production and performance

•        History, appreciation and analysis of the arts

•        Business as it relates to the arts

•        New media and writing in the arts

•        Secondary, university, and continuing education

Graduates who focus on MUSIC will be prepared to pursue careers at music studios, radio stations, concert halls, arts councils, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, amusement and theme parks, and entertainment law firms. Possible positions include music administrator, promoter, music marketing or operating manager, manager for entertainment and media, music producer, event staff, consulting, studio and/or recording artist.

Graduates who focus on THEATRE will be prepared to pursue careers at theatre houses, acting conservatories, equity playhouses, film/TV production companies, arts councils, cruise lines, amusement and theme parks, and entertainment law firms. Possible positions include actors/actresses, motivational speakers, voice-over artists, acting coaches, drama therapists, casting agents, production assistants, directors, stage managers, dramaturgs, designers (scenic, lighting, costume, etc.), producers, box office managers, press agents, and public relations specialists.

Graduates who focus on ART HISTORY and VISUAL ART will seek positions at museums, (academic or commercial) art galleries, serve as art dealers, art critics, writers related in art and culture subjects in newspapers and magazines, lectures for travel and government organizations, and consulting for dealers and collectors. They are practically trained to organize (academic and commercial) exhibitions, to write exhibition catalogues (entries and essays), exhibition captions, and promoting/marketing works of art.

Faculty Advising

Students plan their individualized course of study with faculty advisors. The faculty advisor assigned to each student will serve as mentor for curriculum choices, internship assignments, and the planning, execution, and evaluation of the capstone project.

Internship Opportunities

In preparation for such careers, students will have opportunities to work with Honolulu’s theatres, museums, galleries, music venues and arts advocacy groups, shadowing and assisting artists, attending exhibits and performances, with an artist and/or arts-related organization.

To complete the bachelor's degree, students must complete a minimum total of 120 credits with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.


The major in Arts and Markets will enable students to demonstrate:

  1. Creative and technical skills in music, theatre, or visual arts that enable them to perform effectively in musical concerts, theatrical productions, or gallery exhibits and succeed in jobs related to the business of music, theatre, or visual art.

  2. The ability to communicate and market themselves and other artists to targeted audiences through online and other mass media sources.

  3. The financial and management skills necessary to succeed in the business of the arts.

  4. The ability to write grant proposals to win financial support for artistic endeavors, events, or programming.

  5. The ability to devise and oversee a concert, exhibition, production, or similar event.