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Master of Arts in Health Communication


Program Credits Required: 30 Credits

The interdisciplinary M.A. in Health Communication program prepares students with skills to work in the broad field of health communication with a focus on creating effective health communication strategies for underserved, diverse, and dispersed populations.  The program develops expertise in new and traditional media, communication and public health theory, health communication strategies, content creation, and professional ethics.  Students will develop an understanding of the health needs of diverse populations and of the intercultural communication strategies required to develop more effective, inclusive, and targeted health communication programs. 


Students who complete the Master of Arts in Health Communication will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of communication theory, methods, principles, and technology

  2. Apply communication theory, methods, principles, and technology to promote effective communication about health

  3. Demonstrate understanding of health and health communication needs of diverse and underserved populations

  4. Design health communication campaigns for a range of target groups

  5. Demonstrate ethical and socially responsible health communication practices and strategies

  6. Identify, critique, and evaluate research from across major areas of health communication research.