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UNIV 1000 - First Year Seminar

In a small classroom setting, this course will help new students make a positive transition to HPU by helping them adjust to academic and student life. Students will develop relationships with their classmates, faculty/staff instructor and peer mentor, to foster an inclusive and welcoming community. To make the most of their experience at HPU, students will participate in meaningful discussions, personal reflections, and engaging activities within and outside the classroom to learn more about themselves, others, HPU, and Hawai’i.  Restricted to undergraduate students. To be completed during the first semester of enrollment.

Credit: 1

UNIV 1050 - Academic and Career Success Seminar Continued

In a small classroom setting, this course extends the work of UNIV1000 seminar by helping students continue their transition to Hawai'i Pacific University (HPU) and solidify their academic and career goals established in their first semester. Students will deepen relationships with classmates, faculty/staff instructors and peer mentors while establishing new relationships with major faculty and community career mentors. Students will participate in meaningful discussions, course workshops, reflective writing and engaging activities related to their academic progress and career plans.

Credit: 1