Like most independent universities, Hawai‘i Pacific University receives minimal support from public funds. Tuition and fees must cover the majority of what it costs the University to provide its services, with the balance of expenses being met by income from gifts and grants. Because prompt payment of student bills is crucial for University operations, tuition and fees are due two weeks prior to the start date of each term or session.

Hawai‘i Pacific University offers courses in face-to-face, hybrid, and online formats. Tuition and fees will remain constant in the event of a change in delivery format in response to a local, state, national, or international emergency. By registering for courses, Hawai‘i Pacific University students agree to comply with all requirements for registration and fulfill all financial obligations related to enrollment. You are responsible for paying your financial obligations in full by the tuition due date regardless of whether or not you receive an email notice (please refer to the Academic Calendar for each term at If payment is not timely, late fees may apply at 5% of the balance, not to exceed $50.00/month. In addition, a Financial Hold will be placed on your student account as noted in the Academic Calendar.

If a Financial Hold (identified as “Account Balance/AB”, “Super Hold/MS”, or “Misc. Financial Hold/FH”) is placed on your student account, this Financial Hold will block registration for future terms at HPU, viewing grades, ordering official transcripts, or viewing unofficial transcripts until the student account balance is zero.

The responsibility to drop courses belongs to the student. Students must drop all of their courses before the published deadline for the term or session in order to cancel registration, and receive a 100% tuition refund. Should the student drop the courses after the 100% tuition refund period has passed, the student is responsible for a portion or all of the dropped credits as outlined in the Academic Calendar. The tuition and fee schedules can be found at the HPU website: Tuition and fees are subject to change. This website is updated monthly to reflect the current charges. Note that the Doctor of Physical Therapy follows a tuition per term model, not tuition per credit.  More details can be found at:

There are instances where a student may be administratively removed from a course. The University reserves the right to remove students from courses under these specific circumstances: the student does not participate or otherwise academically engage in a course by the census date (see below); the student fails to meet the pre-requisite requirements for a course; the student violates the Code of Conduct.

Census Dates: a census is taken each term and part-of-term to capture the total number of students enrolled at HPU.  A student must be academically engaged in each course by the census date or may be administratively dropped from the course.  Census is taken as follows:

  • 16-week terms: Day 16

  • 8-week terms: Day 10

  • 4-week terms: Day 5

  • 3-week terms: Day 5